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Leggings And Capris: Discover Our Selection And Embrace The Latest Trends!

Whether absolutely opaque, featuring shaping effects or with bold designs - Wolford leggings allow you to be fashion-conscious at every occasion and impress with a pleasantly comfortable feel and easy care. A classic for every woman's wardrobe, comfortable leggings can be styled, combined and worn on many occasions. Whether fashionable in the office, casually worn in leisure time or elegantly combined for festive occasions, these leggings provide pure comfort while being fashion conscious. Leggings in different lengths are the perfect alternative to classic tights.

Wolford Leggings: Comfortable, Fashion-Conscious And Sporty-Chic!

Leggings are an impressive sight both day and night. The Wolford range includes black leggings, white leggings, leggings with patterns and many other varieties, which can be combined easily with almost all dresses, skirts, longshirts or cardigans. Unicoloured, discreet leggings in black, white or anthracite perfectly complement colorful tops. With colorful leggings, you can create fashion accents with convincing comfort.