• Pure Plus T-Shirt
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  • Pure Energy 30 Leg Vitalizer Knee-Highs
  • Pure 30 Complete Support Tights
  • Pure Top
  • Pure Energy 30 Leg Vitalizer Tights
  • Pure Summer Dress
  • Pure T-Shirt
  • Pure 50 Tights
  • Pure Pullover
  • Pure 10 Tights
  • Pure Plus Skirt

Discover Pure Comfort And Luxury

Our Pure collection offers hosiery, ready to wear clothing and lingerie made from delicate high-quality material that is both soft and comfortable. The Pure Line is ideal for women who prefer basic clothing in minimalist and elegant styles.

We're particularly proud of our Pure 50 tights, the first tights with a bonded seam so no unsightly imprints are left on the skin. And don’t forget their successor, Pure 30, which features the same bonded seam while also providing soft compression to subtly mold the shape of your legs. This gentle compression helps facilitate healthy blood flow, making them the perfect choice for a night on the town, the workday, or long flight.