• Tulle Control Shorts
  • Individual 10 Control Top Tights
  • Miss W 30 Leg Support Tights
  • Sheer Touch Forming Skirt
  • Cotton Contour Control Shorts
  • Individual 50 Leg Support Tights
  • Tulle Forming Dress
  • Pure Plus T-Shirt
  • Bahamas Body
  • Nude 8 Tights
  • Tulle Forming Body
  • Romie Socks

Themes From The Wolford Collection

A selection of our most innovative and popular themes. The Pure Line is a master of minimalist styling, with solid colors and classic designs for a puristic touch. Our Fine Merino products are incredibly comfortable thanks to luxurious merino wool. Curvy Sizes collects our full range of L, XL and XXL products for the convenience of our customers. Spend less time searching for your size and more time enjoying the look and feel of these fine products. The Fatal section showcases products inspired by the iconic Fatal Dress, a versatile tube fit for any occasion. Last but not least, the Legwear Collection features the incredibly comfortable legwear products that have made Wolford a favorite of women around the world.