This is only the beginning
Today, we are proud to present the first lingerie and hosiery prototypes that are safe for the biological cycle. We believe that ability brings responsibility. It is time to take action and look for new solutions, even if it means embarking on a journey that is not going to be fast, easy or cheap. We are committed to serve as a catalyst and accelerate the change that is needed in the fashion industry. We are aiming to bring Cradle to Cradle® certified products to our consumers by AW 18.
Pushing our research further

For over 60 years, research has been at the very core of our mission. The Wolford Research and Development department holds a record of revolutionary innovations. As we keep pushing further the complexity is exponentially increasing.

To create products that are safe for a biological or technical cycle means to change the way they are designed and produced, to change the way people think (producers and consumers) and to change our hardware. We are improving our economic and production system for generations to come. The path is still long and full of technical challenges, but we believe the tipping point is getting closer.