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Fishnet tights – a stylish garment with an adventurous history

Fishnet tights were invented in France around 1890. Back then they were mainly worn by can-can dancers. After suffering from a rather bad reputation, icons such as Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe or Madonna made them more and more popular. This way they gradually found their way into the world of modern fashion and can now be incorporated into a variety of outfits as a stylish it-piece without any issue and without being viewed as cheap. Today they are machine-made and consist of materials such as elastane or various natural fibers. You can find fishnet tights in all kinds of colours and with different net patterns. In addition to fishnet tights, you can also discover fishnet stockings of different lengths. If you like it a little more playful, choose fishnet tights with cute decorations such as small stones or pearls. New designs and an ever-improving reputation ensure the great popularity of fishnet stockings. Fashion bloggers can hardly get enough of these it-pieces. The key to making the fishnet tights not cheap but chic is the styling and the outfit combination. Browse through our Wolford online shop and discover numerous models of fishnet tights with which you can create high-quality looks.

How to combine your fishnet stockings and tights correctly

If you've found a liking for the fishnet tights trend and want to try it out for yourself, here are some helpful styling tips for you. With fishnet stockings you often run the risk of choosing outfits that are more cheap than chic. Therefore, you should use a few little tricks to make sure you create stylish and elegant looks. A great way to do this is by using the popular break in style. By breaking up the sexiness of the fishnet tights, they become a fashion item suitable for everyday use. This works particularly well when you combine them with casual clothing such as loose jeans or knitwear. Under a trendy pair of destroyed jeans you are able to give a hint of the net without showing it off too in-your-face. The fishnet stockings peek out between the cracks and holes and give the outfit a certain “something”. This also works with skirts or trousers that have a slit. Here you can also see the fishnet stockings, but not in their full form. This is also helpful if you don't dare to show the fishnet tights as a whole. This look is ideal for mesh tight beginners. If you want to be a little bolder and want to combine your fishnet tights with a skirt or dress, make sure that you choose other accessories that make the look a little more casual. In combination with a casual T-shirt or sweater and a pair of cool sneakers, your outfit turns into an everyday look despite the sexiness of your fishnet stockings. In general, you can wear knitted clothing perfectly with fishnet stockings and create a cute but not too provocative look. If you prefer to use fishnet stockings instead of tights, you can combine them with loafers, pumps, boots and much more. It is particularly fashionable to wear fishnet tights with jeans and a crop top, and have the waistband of said tights protrude above the jeans. Decide for yourself how daring you want your look to be and choose the right pair of mesh tights for your needs from various options in our online shop. Discover high-quality fishnet tights in black or a variety of different colours at Wolford.

Discover mesh tights in our online shop

In our Wolford online shop you will find a selection of fishnet tights in various styles and colours. Discover fishnet tights in black with differently sized meshes and different patterns. Cute decorations make the fishnet stockings something very special. Fishnet stockings with logo applications, wildflower designs, small meshes or very large meshes give you enough options to find the model that suits your preferences. In addition to fishnet tights in black, you will also find fishnet tights in other colours. For example, choose a model in elegant Honey, sweet pink or exciting orange. Order high-quality fishnet tights from Wolford right to your doorstep and create cool, stylish outfits that will get you through everyday life in a fashionable and elegant way.