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Discover the Cosmetic Benefits of Nude Tights

Nude tights offer a unique look, often described as “makeup for your legs”, that provides a smooth and flawless appearance. In recent years the appeal of nude tights has grown considerably as young women have come to recognize their benefits. But don’t mistake nude tights for a recent trend, or a passing fad, experienced women have been using their subtle benefits for decades to cover minor blemishes and gain a tan complexion.

Wolford carries 19 different flesh-colored shades. The wide variety of dyes and deniers means every woman can find nude tights that match her skin tone for an ideal cosmetic effect.

When you find nude tights that fit your complexion perfectly you’ll find they’re hardly noticeable at all, and make your legs look perfect. For the sandal season try our Luxe 9 Toeless Tights. You’ll get all the cosmetic benefits of nude tights without being restricted to shoes.