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Classic Black Tights

"Black is beautiful!" is a principle that Wolford has embraced in the development of their black hosiery. Today, black tights are more popular than ever and remain a favorite of women around the world of all ages and from all backgrounds. What has made black pantyhose such a resilient style through the years?

The simplest explanation is their incredible versatility. Black tights are an equally effortless fit with an elegant evening dress, or a simple skirt. Black hosiery moves easily between the formal and casual realm, making them a safe and reliable choice that will surely highlight your favorite outfits.

Try combining a pair of jeans with strategic holes with our Twenties fishnet stockings for a truly head-turning modern look. Or how about accentuating the elegance of your favorite evening dress with our timeless Individual 10 Back Seam tights? No matter which direction you go, your legs are sure to look stunning.

Black tights never go out of season. Whether in the coldest depths of winter or the heat of the summer you’ll find black tights are being worn by women in ever climate. Our wide variety of styles, with differing denier and materials, make it all possible. With Wolford you’re sure to find tights for every woman and every situation.