Spring / Summer 2017
We are proud to take you behind the scenes of the Spring / Summer Collection Fashion Show.

Opaque Perfection
The perfect interplay of translucent and opaque sections of the Op./Transparent Nature Body may be a bit of a mouthful, but it puts a chic modern spin on a classic staple.
Spot The Difference
Our Patti Tights definitely hit the spot. So good they’ll knock your spots off and if needs be get you out of a tight spot. (Was that last one too far?)
A Wear-With-Everything Staple
This modern and feminine Baily Skirt is unmatched in its versatility, paired here with our Opaque Transparent Nature Body and Wool Air Vest.
Wrap Up
An easy compliment to any outfit that is sure to win you many. Our enveloping Victoria Plaid is composed of the softest Merino wool, making it a welcome companion.
Channel Your Inner Fire
The Cool Wool dress is a contradiction of sorts. Visually striking in its fiery colour, while its lightness lends a cooling touch.
Lace It Up
Seen here in its full monochromatic glory, our graphic net and lace is a juxtaposition of strength and delicacy.