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  • What Is Eco Friendly Fashion?

    YOU ASK, WE ANSWER. What Is Eco Friendly Fashion? What Is Eco Friendly Fashion? Going green, sustainable fashion, eco friendly fashion- what does this really mean? As this cons...
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  • Why Wear Natural Fibers?

    YOU ASK, WE ANSWER. Why Wear Natural Fibers? It's time to start caring about what you are wearing. It all starts with natural fibers. That's the future of fashion. Why Wear Natural Fibers? It's time to...
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  • Aurora: Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Collection

    SUSTAINABLE SKINWEAR. Wolford creates no waste and produce/manufacture sustainably according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ principle.
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  • World Ocean Day

    Wolford & Econyl® collaboration: Net tights made of ECONYL® yarn from recycled ocean fishnets and other nylon waste.
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  • Botanic Fibres

    Botanic Fibres As a material wood has many uses, but did you know that it can be used to make fibres for clothing and other textiles? The beech tree is quite unique and has grown in Europe for a very long time. Directly from ...
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  • Interview With Hosiery For Men

    Wolford Interviews the blogger from Hosiery For Men Wolford Interviews the blogger from Hosiery For Men 1. When did you first become aware of Wolford? Well, it must have been the ...
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  • The Best Legwear

    The Best Legwear At Wolford we believe that tights don’t have to be a chore. We make tights that you can’t wait to put on in the morning and you don’t want to take off in the evening. They work with you, multit...
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  • Hometown Glory

    Hometown Glory Immerse yourself in a unique region of the world. See and feel the culture of Vorarlberg through the landscape, regional products, homes, and the local traditions of its people. Discover more ...
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