Pure 30 Complete Support Tights

Brilliant innovation: These powdery, shimmering, even look tights with semi-sheer leg and opaque panty section support and effectively shape all the right areas. Thanks to the new bonded seam, the panty section is comfortable without being bulky. Additionally, the tights have a push-up effect around the bottom and sculpt the thigh area.
  • Ultra shaping effect
  • A knitted reinforced heel ensures a perfect fit around the foot and pressure in the right area
  • Wide, comfortable waistband
  • Cotton gusset
  • Circular-knit
Perfect support with every look and for every occasion.

Order Today: Estimated Delivery Date 07/26/2019

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  • main material 80% nylon, 20% elastane

A fusion of seamless composition and revitalising shape, our Pure 30 Complete Support Tights are our latest innovation.

A stressful day at the office? A long flight home? A late night dancing on tables?

Your legs are always challenged in one way or another and with the start to a new year you’re going to need your legs to keep up with you.

Trust us when we say that these are the kind of tights you won’t want to take off in the evening.

The Pure 30 Leg Support Tights provide the ideal amount of pressure up the leg, which promotes good circulation even when standing or sitting for long periods.

The unique fusion of support and seamless design enables you to move more, go more and get more from your day.